After sales service

You can send your watch directly to Switzerland to have it serviced in our ateliers:

(1) Download and complete the proforma invoice Proforma_Repair_ExporttoCH

(2) Print the proforma 4x and sign each copy.

(3) Roll your watch in soft materials and pack it in a carton box (without wooden case!). The dimensions of the carton box shall not exceed 1 kg volume weight. You can check the volume weight with the following formula (length x height x width divided by 6000 = volume weight).

Example 1:    20 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm / 6000 = 1.000 kg   volume weight

Example 2:    15 cm x 15 cm x 18 cm / 6000 = 0.675 kg    volume weight

(4) If available add your watch passport or USB card to the parcel

(5) call your favourite courrier provider to pick up the parcel

(6) email the AWB (airway bill number) to

IMPORTANT: Take off alligator straps! They require a special CITES document. This process may last several weeks. Without CITES your watch will be held back by customs. However, you may send watches with metal bracelets, calf leather straps or rubber straps without any problem.

Within 5 working days, you will receive a detailed quote for your approval. Once the quote is approved you will reiceive the watch back within 4-6 weeks.