All about - timezone adjustment with a simple twist of the bezel

VOGARD is a Swiss watch manufacturer newly founded in 2002 with the vision of crafting the most user-friendly world time watches on a mechanical basis. The brand name is made up of the name of the company founder and CEO Michael VOGT + AVANTGARD. In 2003 VOGARD caused a sensation at Baselworld when the first collection with the patented Timezoner mechanism was presented. The watch industry had never seen anything like it before, a world clock that can be set using the rotating bezel. So far, mechanical watches have been built with the clockwork as the starting point and the case as a separate protection unit. VOGARD has developed a new approach that connects the case and the movement as a unit, thereby enabling completely new functions. With this systems approach, VOGARD brought a new complication to the watch industry and inspired many other watch engineers to develop new watches with this approach.

My special thanks go to

Thomas Prescher 

engineer of the timezoner movement

Renato and Marco Scarinzi 

watch designers of the timezoner collection

Andreas Strehler

engineer of the chronozoner and datezoner movements

Antoine Tschumy 

watch designer of the chronozoner and datezoner

Roger Zulliger

investor and business angel

Reiner Hausmann

chef d’atelier