F1 Racing Editions - a formula 1 engine on your wrist

VOGARD issued three limited editions for race fans and motor sports professionals. The RADIATOR is the third edition of its race-inspired sports model which has a revolutionary dial design that affords an extraordinary view into the the engine of the watch. The patented Timezoner movement features a miniature high-tech clutch and a complex gear train, which enables the wearer to reset the watch in an instant, with no loss of accuracy – and now this remarkable mechanism can be seen in action thanks to the new openwork, rhombus dial of the Radiator.

The bezel meanwhile is engraved with the names of the world‘ top race circuits together with GP markings that indicate whether a Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place during standard time or Daylight Savings Time (summer time). The case is made from a fusion of steel and titanium carbide (TiC) which makes it three times tougher than standard steel and lends the watch a sporty, satin black look that ensures the watch will fit at every race track from Monte Carlo to Singapore.