DAYmonds - smart diamonds

Diamonds can be as bright as starlight or reflect the night’s darkest mysteries. The VOGARD DAYmonds unifies the arts of the jeweler and the watchmaker into a timepiece that follows the sun’s rise and fall in perfect harmony. 183 diamonds totaling 1,3 carat are set where they add brilliance to the world time functions of VOGARD. The dials center field of 60 black and 60 white diamonds symbolizes the passage of night into day. Each city that uses Daylight Savings Time is adorned with a white diamond. The diamond studdes opening and closing mechanism provides a sparkle to this masterpiece that will be seen as the epitome of traveling in any timezone.

The models

The lever may be set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds arranged in the design of your national flag. Or have our master jeweler gem-set your watch with the stones and design of your choice. Wear VOGARD on your wrist and show your true colors – whereever you go in the world.